The whites frogs were all very confused with being outside. They were all wondering why I put them in the grass instead of up a tree so they pretty much just all sat there.

Since a frog’s skin is very sensitive is this a good idea to put them outside? Not sure if your grass is treated with anything but if it is…..

Lol no need to worry, I’m a good frog momma. Our lawn in not treated with anything but rain and sunshine. We don’t even water it

Oh, okay! Just checking! Didn’t want people to see this and think they could do the same with a treated lawn!

Also, for people who have frogs and don’t know much about them, holding them with bare hands is not well advised as the frogs have porous skin and natural oils on your hand might end up in their system.

Omg I literally forgot one of the most important facts that frog owners should know!! gahhh I am slippin’.. thank you for adding this! ^

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Ellen’s testing out her new Google Glass(es) that she got on Craigslist. It’s hard to tell, but she may have gotten ripped off.

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Blood red moon | by  | Website.
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AlwaysDavid Martín Castán

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Peningagja at Thingvellir National Park // Daniel Weber

The clear waters at the coin fissure located in Thingvellir National Park, a rift valley caused by the drift of the North American and Eurasian Plates.

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"Normal? What do you know about normal? What does anyone in this family know about normal?"

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Updated with twelve more couples. (and now I’m waiting to people say “you missed one”)

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Welcome back, Trevor Linden!

As some of you may know the Canucks have recently assigned Trevor Linden to President. For those of you who are not familiar with him I’ve made a list of everything you need to know :)))

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ABED MAHFOUZ Couture Spring/Summer 2010

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Orchard Bay | Chad Powell

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Nothing says “Our love will last forever.” like a tiny gold squid encircling your ring finger. This tentacular little beauty was handmade by Portland, OR-based jeweler Cheyenne Weil of gin & butterflies. She custom-makes each Squid Wedding Band by hand-carving the ring in wax and then casting it using the lost-wax method.

"This ring is a highly detailed piece with the squid and water/wave design flowing all the way around the ring, leaving no particular part "up." It is a nice 8mm in width, over 2mm thick, and has a delicious weighty feel."

Click here for more information and then check out the rest of Cheyenne’s gin & butterflies shop.

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